Christmas Markets of Munich, Salzburg, and Budapest


One of the many markets in Salzburg

Becky and I spent some time in Germany, Austria, and Hungary earlier this month, where Christmas Markets (also known as Advent Markets or Christkindlmarkts) are widespread.  Here you sip hot mulled wine, eat delicious street food, and handle all of your Christmas shopping as local craftsmen and vendors come out to sell their wares. It’s a scene that brings together people from all parts of society, rich and poor, locals and visitors, and unites us all.  Most cities in this part of Europe have at least one market, and Munich alone has over 20!


While Munich is famous for its 600+ year old market in the Marienplatz, we actually found the markets in Salzburg and, especially, Budapest (pictured at top) to be even more amazing.  Our jaunt to Budapest was a last-minute addition to our trip, and we made the ~7 hour drive from Munich to visit family and get our first look at the amazing city.  Suffice it to say, we can’t wait to return.

Budapest Christmas Market:


Munich Christmas Markets:

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