Confluence of the Kura and Aragvi Rivers

This area, Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia, has housed human civilization since before the beginning of recorded time.  It served as capital until the 5th century, when they moved the capital a few miles down the road to Tbilisi.

The Georgians are an amazingly resilient people.  Due to their extremely valuable location between Europe and Asia at the base of the Caucasus Mountains, the most attractive overland trade route, they have been invaded over 40 times since the beginning of recorded history, yet, every time, they pick themselves back up and rebuild.

This entire area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

One thought on “Confluence of the Kura and Aragvi Rivers

  1. One of the things that fascinates me is that this is the same place that the legendary Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov has been to almost two hundred years before us. It inspired him to write one of his most famous poetic works called Mtsyri, which we studied in school and parts of which I learned by heart. I’m so happy we went there!

    Where merge Aragva and her twin,
    Kura, and fast rush onward, in
    Times past, a lonely cloister stood;
    By fields, a dense and o’ergrown wood
    Encircled ’twas…. A wayfarer,
    Toiling uphill, will see what were
    A gate and gateposts once and, too,
    A church…. To-day, no incense to
    Its round dome coils, nor do a prayer
    The humble monks chant, hoarse-voiced, there.
    Alone, forgot by death and men,
    A bent old greybeard, denizen
    Of these remote and desolate hills,
    Over the ruins watches still
    And daily wipes the dust that clings
    To tombs, of which the letterings
    Of glories past speak and of things
    Of like note. Of a tsar one such
    Tells who by his gold crown was much
    Weighed down, and did of Russia gain
    The patronage o’er his domain.
    Twas then God’s love descended on
    The land, and Georgia bloomed, and gone
    Her old fears were and old suspense:
    Of friendly bayonets a fence
    Did, bristling, rise in her defence.

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